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Hey Miles here, In this video you’re going to learn how to advertise on Facebook. This is a September of 2018 update I’m going to show you inside of the ads manager as it currently is today because they’re always changing it so we’re gonna launch a campaign together you’re gonna follow along on my screen on my computer I’m essentially implementing my $5 Facebook Ads strategy you can learn much more about that strategy through the playlist I have here on the channel I’ll put the link to the blog post in the description and the biggest part that you really want to follow one of those two links for is because I teach you how to analyze the data when you start getting data back in I went back to an older ad set and I analyzed the data four times in four weeks because it’s not just about launching your campaigns on Facebook to the world but it’s how do you analyze it is it working what do I increase what do ideas what do i scale etc so that’s really important and the resources for you on that are the playlists for the $5 Facebook campaigns or the blog post for that now again as I mentioned we’re doing that $5 Facebook Ads strategy this is the brief brief overview of what it looks like we’re gonna set up one campaign that’s gonna be a website conversion campaign because we want to leverage Facebook’s machine learning system I’m gonna focus it on the lead level you need 50 conversions per ad set per week in order to get that benefit of running these kinds of campaigns that’s why I’m not kind of focusing these on checkout or Add to Cart conversions but lead conversions for my business then we run each ad set individually there’s one interest per ad set I start them at $5 per day and then we run all of them back to one AB so all of the social proof cumulative from all of these different ad sets really builds the engagement on our one ad so this is kind of an overview image that I created to try to make it understandable of what we’re creating now I have a little notepad the demographics the interests I’m going to include I got these from the audience insights tool here in Facebook I have a video that teaches you how to do that the video is called steal your competitors customers then I have my exclude audiences these are people who have already taken actions that I don’t want see my ad right so somebody who’s already a customer or already a lead or already at my website or has engaged on a post I want to remove them from the audience so they don’t actually see the ad because they’ve already taken an action then I’ve got the ad copy and I’ll show you how to go pull your past ads as well so that’s it for the setup and let’s jump right in out one more thing there is one more thing on the setup I’m using custom conversions to identify the goal I’m using the website pixel the the Facebook pixel and the custom audiences I have separate videos on each of those if you need to learn how to use those to get them in place but moving forward at this level you need to have those things in place so I create I click the green create button to get started and I’m gonna name this campaign just with my brand and then today’s date so 8 31 18 and then I want to set this to a conversion based ad now I’m gonna simply copy the campaign and duplicate the name as the ad set and the ad if yours doesn’t look like this if you’ve got a very different look you want to switch here to the quick creation they have the guided creation which is another way to build campaigns this is how I run it obviously and then we save to draft so our approach is to set up one campaign with one ad set then we’re gonna launch it to the world this is kind of our framework this is our skeleton then once it’s launched we go back in and we duplicate out those ad sets and it’ll pick up the ad and everything gets easy it’ll make sense in a minute welcome to the new ads creator here on the left this is the big area that has changed and this is really helpful for creating ad sets like this you’ll see how that works here in a moment so the first thing we’re looking at here is we got the campaign name we’re on the campaign level then there’s the ad set level in the ad level everything looks good on the campaign level so we click into the ad set level here on the left and it brings us in now you can see the first question it has is what is my conversion event location this is a custom conversion I have already set up this is a custom conversion base on a page that they reach this tells Facebook they brought me the kind of person I want someone who converted so this is what Facebook’s machine learning is going to optimize for I need to get 50 conversions per week in order to really get the benefit of that which is why I focus on the lead level now they’re always adding new things I keep it really really simple with how I set these up I run $5 a day to start I’m trying to force Facebook to bring me the highest quality traffic that they can and I only increase my budget on Camp ad sets that prove to bring me leads and sales within my KPI or key performance indicator so it wants to automatically run that’s totally cool now we get into the audience part and I want to set up not just a custom audience but I want to use those Exclusion audiences that we talked about so if you just type in here this is what it’s going to include so if you want to retarget your website visitors you search for your website visitor audience here and that will retarget them I want to set my framework up to exclude all of the people who have taken action that I don’t want them to retake so I’ve got it written down so I don’t forget but ultimately I’m gonna search for these real quick I named them pixel when they use the pixel so I’ve got the I forgot three pixels I’m gonna add here I’m gonna add all of these so essentially these are pixel based audiences when someone kind of takes a specific action that I want them to take they get added to these pixel audiences then I exclude them from my main campaign let me go take a look at my notes make sure I get all of these so I got the pixels I want my visitors let’s type in visitors because I named and you name these whatever you want I am going to all visitors is the big one that I want to remove and then let’s go look at post engagement so this is something you can set up that’s pretty good the post engagement for anyone who’s engaged on your post or your ad what that will do is it will eliminate anyone who has kind of left you a comment or giving you a thumbs up on your advertisement they will no longer see your ad so it keeps your frequency number of your advertising down based on people who have engaged so if somebody gives you an angry face or leaves a comment like why am I seeing this I don’t want to see this that will instantly exclude them through this engagement audience and somebody says thumbs up thank you I got it it’ll also exclude them from that audience so you don’t keep displaying your ad to somebody who doesn’t need to see it I want them to find more people who haven’t seen my ad that’s how I help force them to do that so for me on this brand I go for the big four Australia United Kingdom Canada and the US so I just typed these in here give me one quick second perfect so this is where I’m advertising and then I leave languages blank unless you’re if if you’re doing English based advertising not many people put that their language is English so this can actually eliminate people for my gender I have 25 to 39 year old women so let me set that up real quick women now this is the detailed targeting this is the interest based advertising that we’re doing so this is where I take what I got from the Facebook audience insights tools those competitors of mine whose audience I can steal I’m gonna go one interest per ad set and I’ll show you how we duplicate that out over time but for right now I just put in the first one which is yoga so it should pull right up click on it so yoga the interest now I’m focusing this ad set on yoga and I want to click out of there it’s always trying to get us to expand our interest Facebook is trying to give you an infinite number of ways for you to essentially spend your money I choose not to use this because I’m split testing all of my audiences this Facebook mashes up everybody in the world into one audience you don’t know what is working and what isn’t working and you’re reliant on the air machine learning system I prefer to keep everything separated out into ad sets so I can see clearly the yoga ad set is not converting well the Oprah ad set is converting well I then move my budget from the yoga ad set to the Oprah ad set that’s converting well that’s the basic theory I leave the connection type off this is how you would choose somebody who’s connected to your fan page and then I edit placements again Facebook loves to spend our money as advertisers and I’m not really a fan of them wasting my money so I turn off actually just about everything except for Facebook feeds which takes a quick minute if you are wanting to to advertise in Instagram or you’re wanting to advertise in stories I highly recommend that you create a separate advertisement that is specifically tailored for the user experience in that area I’m creating an ad that is specifically designed for the timeline that’s all I want to do is show up in the main Facebook Timeline so that’s it I’ve got it Facebook feeds I’m going warning at the bottom Facebook says warning you’re gonna get fewer engagements but don’t worry they have two points something billion people that you’re advertising and reaching to I let it go to all mobile devices sometimes you want to choose only when connected to Wi-Fi what that will do is generally limit your audiences to people when they’re at home on their mobile devices or at work or somewhere where they’ve taken time to log in this may mean that they have a higher likelihood of grabbing their credit card and purchasing your oto if that’s something you’re interested in test it on and off it obviously limits the reach of your audience in that but it’s something that you can ultimately play with to see how it works everything down here in optimization and delivery I leave exactly as it is I’m just gonna let it run as is then I’m gonna scroll up and see if I got it right because there’s a lot of little moving pieces here and I don’t want to miss anything at it placements perfect connection type yeah yoga okay let’s see here women 25 to 39 got my countries dialed in right I’m excluding all of my main audiences and that’s it so it says that my reach is 320 to 1300 I just flat-out don’t believe that number because when you hover here you can see that yoga interest has 186 million individuals in it and there’s no way I’m excluding that many so I’m literally just gonna ignore this and they even say that my results are likely to differ from that now I’m done in the ad set level so I just click over here on the next lower level that’s indented and that brings me to the advertisement now I don’t have an ad so it’s like oh no you don’t have an ad this is a huge error obviously the first thing we want to do here is choose the page that we’re actually advertising through if you want to run on an Instagram account you choose an Instagram placement but again please please PLEASE separate out your Instagram ad campaigns and run native ads that are good for Instagram it’s a different shaped image it’s a different user experience honor that and you’ll get better results I guarantee it so ad name I’m just gonna leave this up here actually I’m gonna put new just to keep myself organized cuz it’ll make sense in a minute what’s going on so there’s essentially two things we can do here we can create a new ad or we can use something that we’ve already created through this use existing post I want to show you how to do both we’re gonna set up a new ad first real quick just to give you a quick idea of how I do that it’s it’s not my most thought-out ad because I’m trying to show you how to set up an ad then I’m gonna show you how I go grab one of the other ads in case you haven’t had that you’ve been running that you want to keep all of that kind of social proof in your direction I like image ads that’s there I’m gonna select an image we have the ability to let me see here it’s gonna bring me in so this brings up account images it’s looking through all of your past images you’ve put up but you can click on stock images and you get free stock images from Shutterstock I’m gonna put stress woman one quick second here now the whole point of my advertisement and I’ve got a lot of videos that go into the art of writing advertisements um the whole point is I’m offering a meditation to help them relieve from stress so a picture of a stressed out woman is kind of where I want to go I’m gonna do that one right there I think that’s a good example I’m gonna click confirm so now I have an image I’m gonna send them to a website so I’m going to enter the URL is what it wants next which I’ve got down here the display link I’m gonna put the same thing now it’s gonna start building this ad over here on the left for me and we have essentially three areas of text that we can work so there’s this text box up top there’s the headline and then there’s the newsfeed link description and it’s built very similar to how it’s laid out here the text goes above the image like the normal post that you create the headline is the big bold content here and then the newsfeed link description is a little extra text so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my above image text here and I’m gonna pop that in there you’re gonna see it build it out as we go and I’m okay with that display link being this here then the headline I want to use this and then a very simple call to action click the learn more button now is essentially I’m telling them what I want them to do the learn more button some people I know tested it and they actually got the better results with they learn more it allows you to create overlays in different languages I really don’t I keep this all super simple it’s got it already set up on my correct pixel and that’s it at this point I’m ready to publish this advertisement then you want to wait until you start getting traffic to this one ad you want to see that the ad has been reviewed and then it’s working you want to see your first few pennies spent in the deliverable on this ad set then you come back and you clone it out repeatedly but you want to let it get traffic and get approved by Facebook first so you don’t give them 30 different ads to approve all at the same time you give them one let them approve it go back and when you start your duplication process it duplicates already approved ads now I’m not gonna publish this as is because I want to show you how to pull in an ad that’s already working but if you created your ad you click publish in the bottom corner and it goes out for those of us who have ads we’ve been using you simply click use existing post and I’m actually going to need to kind of change windows a little bit and go grab that old ad because I don’t have the URL open and when use existing post comes up there’s gonna be a link down here that says enter a post ID so it wants me to be able to select a post but this enter post ID allows you to put in the ID from any post you’ve ever published whether a hidden post that was just an ad or an actual previous post so I need to go real quick and grab that URL this is all gonna stay here I click this edit window and it slides off now I’m gonna X out of the campaigns we’ll get right back to it so I’m back in the ads manager and this ad right here is the one I want to grab so I am actually the lower version they’re about the same thing so I’ve selected the ad I want to include I click the little edit kind of pencil and then I’ve got this box with the arrow pointing out I’m going to click this and I’m gonna say I want to see the post Facebook post with comments I hold ctrl and click and it opens it in a new tab so now this is the actual post the the real posts that I want to copy and right at the end you see this long string of numbers this is the post ID so I simply copy the post ID and you can see I’ve reached 48,000 people this one’s got you know hundreds of comments hundreds of shares so I want to bring that social proof into my current ad set itself now that I’ve copied again the post ID from the end here then I’m gonna go back into my current ad set I’m working with so I click the edit it slides that all the way over so this is the Edit window that pops out I uncheck the one I just grabbed and here is my new ad because I put new in it so I could see it and it’s got my name so I tipped the box and then I go click the pencil and it’s gonna slide that window out and now I’m back in the edit screen where I left I hope that wasn’t too confusing but that’s just kind of how it works so again it by default it says create ad I’ve chosen use existing post and now I’m gonna post or paste not post in and I clicked submit my actual ad ID and you’ll see it just goes and pulls up that exact ad for me so it’s got all my social proof right in here and I’m gonna click publish now since this ad was already active it’s going to launch more quickly what we’ve essentially just done is built out the basic structure that I’m going to leverage for my additional kind of audience insights right so I’ve done the yoga one here now I need to go create these you can add up to 25 in sequence really really efficiently this tool on the left of Facebook’s ad manager it gets a little iffy after you get to 25 it only is built to hold 25 I used to say do 30 ad sets you still can you just kind of got to go back and do it manually so it’s really easy up to 25 now in this image right we have our campaign all of our different ad sets this is our goal and our 1 ad now I want you to look over here so this is our campaign the least indented one is the campaign level the first indentation is our ad set and then we have all of our ads so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna here on the ad set level right the middle one and give it one quick second it’ll pop up my options and then I’m going to duplicate oops I clicked twice forgive me now can ask me how many times do you want to duplicate this over now you have the ability I don’t want to add any placements that’s new stay out of here Facebook uh-huh so you can duplicate out as many as you have right so I could easily just go tell it you know what do I have here 1 2 3 4 5 6 I can go tell it 6 but I want to show you how to do it one by one just so it’s really easy so I click duplicate again I was on the ad set the middle level right here and I clicked duplicate one time and you can set it to 20 if you have 20 and you see what it did it just created a copy version right here so this is my original ad set this is the original ad it copied that and I’ve got this new one here so I’ve got the copy in the name that shows me what I’m working with and what I want to go down to is right where I put in yoga last time everything else stays the exact same I remove yoga and now I’m gonna go add what my second one is which is Gaia TV I think it’s guy at TV kind of TV that didn’t pull up so I think it was gyeom see up there it is Gaiam TV so now on the right I can see the different interest so gyeom has 243,000 this is the bigger one so that’s what I’m choosing then to keep myself organized and I didn’t really write yoga in the first one now I’m gonna put guy on here and this just helps me on the reporting side it allows me to really easily kind of keep an eye on things so to keep it super organized this was my first one that was for yoga so I’m gonna click in here and you can see it’s highlighted blue now I’m gonna go ahead and add yoga just so I know what interest it is so when I’m looking at him I just get a quick idea of what is working when I’m looking at the different the analyzing the data which you’ll see in those videos below so now I want to kind of duplicate this out again I’m gonna show you how I can duplicate and I can duplicate either I can duplicate the gyeom level or the yoga it doesn’t matter they’re essentially the same thing so I want to duplicate and I’m gonna choose to do three duplications at this point and what it does is it highlights them all green and it adds the word copy so that’s how I’m identifying so on the left you can see these are my three new ones it has added copy to the name now it by default has set this up where they’re all three highlighted you notice this one’s blue this one’s blue this one’s blue now if you do any edits here it’s gonna edit all three of them this is why I recommend if you’re new go one at a time it’ll save you some oops I just accidentally changed ten things I didn’t want to moments so now I’ve highlighted the next one in my series you can see it says gyeom copy so I know I’m in the right place and then I go the next one is Oprah so I scroll down to my interests I eliminate gyeom and then I go type in Oprah Oprah Winfrey click on that I scroll to the top I have an Oprah now this ad set is done that I’m gonna click on the next one I’m only gonna do this these three more times I’m not gonna go do all the rest of the ones I had I just want to show you really clearly headspace which is a meditation app I’m just gonna type that in here since I’m up top and now I scroll down and I X gyeom out and I type in headspace and I want this one I could probably actually set up one for each and again I would set them up separately but I just want the one that says headspace so I’m done there I click on the next one that still has gyeom copy as a name I click X from the guy on here my next one is meditation here’s meditation so that’s 113,000 and if I wanted obviously I could do any one of my other ones I could do Eckhart Tolle a who’s an author you see KH there he is so he’s an author he’s got a million and this is the game one interest per ad set is ultimately what we’re doing here and I come up to the top and I make sure I put Eckhart Tolle up here and that’s it so at this point I’ve gone through the ad set level of each and every one of them right I only worked the ad set but below each it has duplicated out the different advertisements so when I click on this you’re going to see it automatically used that same existing post so it automatically pulls in the one advertisement on all of these different ad sets for me and that’s really the name of the game I want to show you this image one more time to really make sure this was clear so we started by creating the framework it was the name of the of the campaign the name of the first ad set and the name of the ad I went in essentially the campaign was all done the real work comes in the ad set level where we’re focusing on our demographics we’re focusing on what audiences were including or excluding and we’re adding our first interest at that point then we change where we want it to display I wanted it only in feeds if you want it to be on Wi-Fi only for mobile only desktop only mobile etc all of that’s handled in the ad set and you want to get all of that set up once you don’t want to go back in and change access once they’re published then we either built the ad or we grabbed the ad we kind of reused an old ad that has some social proof then we launched that to the world so it was one campaign one ad set one ad and then we’ve used this new duplication feature to duplicate out at sets two three four five and we just go into each one we change the interest we change the name on the ad set it automatically links it over to our ad for us then we go to the next then we go to the next and really it’s that simple that is how I’m still building my campaigns and I’ve been building my campaigns in this way for probably two two and a half years at this point my last campaigns that I just finished running ran about twenty thousand leads in 30 days with an average cost per lead of about thirty four cents when you take into account all of my one-time offer sales and my one-click upsell sales it cost me about five hundred dollars to bring in 20,000 leads this is the potential of Facebook advertising and again when I’m going through this process I want to set up each and every ad set as a standalone interest or custom audience or look-alike audience right one per ad set and I make them all compete against each other I force Facebook to put them into competition and I monitor which ones are bringing me leads within my KPIs or key performance indicators I then monitor which one of these ad sets are bringing me in customers with OTO sales within my key performance indicators the ones that bring me leads and customers at a good deal I go duplicate I go add more money I take them from five bucks to ten bucks ten bucks to twenty bucks twenty to thirty and I keep going incrementally I rarely increase them more than ten or twenty dollars a day I increase the budget and then I let it sit for a couple of days and I go look how do my numbers do did my numbers keep up did my numbers go upside down if the numbers are still within my KPI I increase my budget a little bit more this is a very broad overview of how to analyze the videos I will make sure probably probably here is going to be a link to a video series that really goes in-depth you actually follow me along with a campaign it’s a four video series I’m always give yourself like 24 to 48 hours for Facebook to start driving you quality traffic but that’s the name of the game then you monitor it you turn off the ones that suck and suck means really expensive leads and really expensive customers and you add more money to the ones that don’t suck that bring you in great price leads and value-priced customers and that my friend is how I advertise on Facebook with the newest Facebook ads manager update this again was recorded on August 31st of 2018 so this is a great update for the last quarter for q4 of Facebook advertising go forth and create your success my friend create your luck it’s it’s massive action is what really the job done you’ll learn a lot by going through the motions I hope this video has been helpful and valuable if it has give me a thumbs up here feel free to grab the URL and share it in a group if you know a bunch of entrepreneurs who would get value from seeing how this is done if you have any questions for me about the process about my advertising strategy or anything get at me in the comments when I have time I do try to respond to as many comments as I can and on that note I’m gonna call it so go forth create your ad campaigns test your ad sets against each other build all of your social proof up into one advertisement you get one of these behemoth ads it has thousands of shares and likes and it just adds so much value when a new person getting exposed to your brand for the first time sees all that social proof on your advertisement it really adds a lot and this is how I do it that note i’ma call it so thanks for your time I look forward to connecting with you on the next video be sure to subscribe if you haven’t got a new video coming out in a few days it’s gonna be awesome until we connect again thank you very much for your time and be well

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