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What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video, I’m gonna break down exactly how to get real estate clients through facebook advertising now the reason why I’m making this video is because a lot of you have been reaching out to me lately asking me about how To go through and get clients how to run ads for clients. I’ll do all that stuff And so I figured I just make this video really quick showing you guys the two key funnels that I use it’ll even show you Several of the Facebook ads that I use I’m running currently that are performing extremely Well now I know a lot of you guys have also reached out to me about Mentorship and kind of going through and coaching you through this whole process and so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while But I just kind of been procrastinating delaying and putting it off But what I’m gonna do is I’m finally going to put together a course for you guys breaking down exactly what I do to acquire clients how to run ads for clients how to get success for them and how to scale things up to six figures and then how I’ve Even gone through and scale things up to over seven figures multiple seven figures in the last couple of years So if you guys want that I’m going to add a link to a wait list I’m still working on kind of like the outline of all that stuff But hopefully in the next month or so I want to put together something really Solid really good for you guys so I don’t wanted to surround some crap and the nice thing is is this course will be something that’s different than a lot of these other courses out there where Most of these guys are making all their money They’re making all their money selling you the course, which I’m actually going in here.

And as you guys have been following my channel I’m doing it I’m doing it day in and day out and this is my main source of revenue my main business and So I want to go through and just be completely Transparent and show you guys all of that Right now with that said if you are brand new here the channel first of all My name is Jason Wardrop and I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business So if you’re brand new here, make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell So you’ll be notified every single time a new video is launched And also with that said before we dive into you know my funnels and my ads and all this stuff just to show you guys that I have a tiny bit of an idea of what I’m talking about this is inside of one of my Facebook Ads accounts right here And this is just one campaign and you look right here.

This is the last 30 days so December 26 2018 it’s January 24th. So we’ll refresh this just so you guys know that it’s real and This is how much money I’ve spent in the last 30 days. So we’ve got about seventy seven thousand dollars And for those you guys wondering like well, that’s just you running all the ads for all your clients This is not including any of our clients. We’ve got separate as accounts for every single one of our clients. This is purely client acquisition Right here. So seventy seven thousand dollars which you know just a little bit over twenty five hundred dollars per day and I actually just went through you can see I’ve got Several ad sets that just created and so tons new ad sets going live on Sunday so I just want to get that out of the way and for those you guys were like brand-new here and thinking oh I’m with The sky even know what he’s talking about I’ve got a little bit experience and that’s why I want to go through break down and share with you if you are new here or if you’ve been around for some time now now guys keep in mind that running Facebook Ads is After you go through if you’re just starting out with your real estate digital marketing agency This is after you’ve gone through and done all the organic methods and after you’ve already got some solid clients because if you don’t have that Basic core process in place and you haven’t done some of the free ways to go through and get phone calls Set appointments to go and make the sales and you don’t have that done Then you’re gonna be going through and investing money into something.

That’s not really proven So you’re gonna be wasting quite a bit of money when you’re first getting started So you want to go through make sure you are doing those organic free methods of posting Facebook groups and your Facebook page LinkedIn all these different things that I talked about in other videos a lot of different free strategies going to networking Events being in connecting with in person with different people But then once you’ve kind of got to a point where like man, I’m doing all these organic things I’m getting clients, but it’s just not enough I’m not growing as fast as I want to grow then that’s where Facebook Ads Really come into play and you know, I talked about Facebook Ads Instagram ads It’s really the same thing because obviously Facebook owns Instagram as well So basically, I’ll let me just show you really quick the two key funnels that I actually run ads to and then here second I’ll show you some actual ads that I’m currently running right now that are performing extremely well and I’ll break down why they’re performing well and how you can kind of like model not copy guys because obviously You’ll see that these are very specific to me but model are kind of some of the results that I’m doing with these Facebook ads So the first thing before you even run a Facebook ad guys it all is big-time where you’re running the ad Okay Like what funnel you’re running it to and I was just talking to Zack Weiss who is one of you guys one of the viewers with the channel here and He was talking about how he’s wanting to help a realtor Who’s got some coaching programs all that stuff go through and you know make sales of his course and he had I think it was like a fifty dollar course and really at a fifty dollar course level like you’re never gonna make money running Facebook Ads to like a fifty dollar course if you’re gonna Make money you have to have either like the logout sales funnel or sell a higher ticket item and so what we do is we just go through and we sell a little bit higher ticket item to get people on our Agency to actually go through and work with them.

So this is the very first funnel that I go through and run and you can see right here guys that the like Landing page doesn’t have to be something super pretty not to spend a lot of time on it this is actually a very high performing high converting style right here where if you look at a lot of like the big Marketers out there. This is a very similar style because look it’s all white space So it doesn’t really take a long time for this page load You’ve got a big clear head line up the top right here this buttons right there So if they’re pulling up on a mobile phone, it’s going to be above the fold and an important thing to note is that you want to make sure that you’re pulling these up on your mobile phone to make sure that your landing page is Optimized for mobile because 80 to 90% of your traffic’s gonna be coming from mobile So after they come here, what we’re gonna do is have a value video, okay? So this value video is basically to break down and talk about a story of you know An agent that I worked with that, you know at the beginning stage This is where before state they’re after state and how we went through and it was it we’re able to take them to that After state where you know most agents want where most IDs are gonna want consistency.

They’re gonna want lead generation They’re well-proven lead follow-up all that stuff. But big thing really is consistency because you know as soon as you close one deal You’re only as good as your last deal and so that’s a very important concept to hit with Realtors and honestly Most business owners write a lot of business owners. They don’t have that recurring revenue They don’t have that, you know monthly every single time if they make a sale. They’ve got it coming in And so you got to make sure that you’re focusing on Consistency here, and this is really to build rapport because we’re running Facebook Ads Obviously you can go through and market your video right here this value video to your warm audience. People already know who you are they like you they trust you and you’re gonna get right out of the gate some really just easy sales just because That’s just how it goes. Right? Like they already know you they trust you they want you to help them out And so you get some easy sales, but for all the other people who don’t know who you are Okay, the cold market they’re gonna need to build some you’re gonna need to build some rapport and Trust with them And so that’s why this value video So you can see it’s about 18 minutes and 46 seconds It’s about 20 minute video.

And then once they’re like watching it like ah, man, this is awesome I’m ready to get started. They hit yes. I’m ready to jump in and then this takes them to an Application where they’re gonna go through and fill out some details cuz one thing you guys are gonna find out It’s very easy to go through and generate a li. That’s really not the hard part The hard part is going through and making sure you’re spending your time with the most qualified prospects people that are you know They’re not brand new agents.

They’re not brand new to whatever business are doing They’re actually making some money so that they can invest some money into having you help them take their business to the next level So you can see right here We just kind of asked some basic information how many years you’ve been in real estate how many deals you’re closing? Monthly average Commission and then once they hit submit right here We’re taking them to an appointment scheduling app right here so you can see right here What we do is we only have the next few days available the reason being is because if someone sets an appointment a week or two weeks out most likely they’re going to forget it and honestly, what I would do here is Friday the 25th day, which you guys are probably watching this video at a later date. I know that But what I would probably do is only have the next three days where it’s got the next four But you know if it’s Friday and they’re not scheduled until next Thursday Chances are they’re probably going to forget even if you’re gonna do relentless follow-up So I’d even just have the next three days right there And then they come in here click on this and you can see kind of the calendar.

We’ve got 12 to 3 p.m Kind of that afternoon time set up where they can go through and schedule appointments then once a scheduled appointment Confirms it and then there’s tax reminders email reminders all that. So they’re gonna go and show up on the phone call, but Key thing here, even if somebody scheduled an appointment But if they haven’t gone through and you know if they’re not a good fit We usually reach out to them and say hey look It looks like you’re probably not at the level right now that that we’re looking for But what we can do is we’ve got these different trainings So we kind of offer some lower ticket item the AUSA is going to work out a lot better for them anyway in the long run because it’s gonna be a lot more in their budget as well as It’s not going to go through and waste a lot of our time or their time on those phone calls Ok so that is the first one and that this is the first one that you want to start with because with this you’re gonna get a lot of Applications depending on how much obviously you’re spending on your advertising But this is going to go through get the most amount of phone calls So you can practice those sales skills get those people in Kind of hear their pain points what you can do to go through and help them and then once you’ve kind of got a lot of that nailed down, which honestly guys You can easily go through and scale up your business to multiple six figures using this exact format right here You don’t really need in this next step and so if I were you just start now, I would focus on 100% the organic strategies get your business up to a $10,000 per month level then once you’re at that point start investing into Facebook Ads running it at a I funnel just like this and inside of that agency course that coaching consulting course I’m putting together for you all which the the link to the waitlist is right down below this video I’m gonna have this exact funnel that you guys can just basically copy and paste and use in your business.

Right because it’s tested It’s proven to convert. I already know it works. We’ve been running it quite a bit And so you guys will get access to this as well as this other one now, this is an automated webinar where this is where this is selling more of light a Monthly subscription or what? We do sometimes and say hey we pre sell the quarter and do a little bit of a discount This one is selling a thousand dollar ticket item and so this is just going through and You’re gonna get a lot of people going through and registering for this and this is where I’m running a majority of my advertising budget So pretty much all this seventy seven thousand dollars is going towards that actually all of that because this is just this one campaign right and so all this is going towards I’m actually this is a Automated webinar where they can go through and sign up for some day and time, but that’s all going to a live webinar Which I do every single week because I like to jump on live with my clients and be able to answer questions right there instead of just having this automated experience and if they’re unable to attend live, obviously You’ve got the automation in place where they can go through and attend it at a different time But I like to get on with as many people as possible Every single week live just because you’re able to build that much deeper of rapport Answer the questions really get them what they want and what they’re looking for Okay So just really quick guys a quick recap before I show you guys these Facebook ads one Use the organic methods that I’ve talked about right here on this channel and that inside of my agency course We’ll be talking about as well in detail And use those to get to ten thousand dollars per month.

Once you’re at ten thousand dollars per month take a portion of that money Invest into Facebook ads into this value video funnel right here or they’re gonna be filling out the application Going to scheduling a call with you and then confirming those calls and you’re doing phone sales right there and then honestly I wouldn’t even really move into this next phase until you’re making probably a hundred grand a month with this simple strategy right here Okay, and then at that point you can go and explore some of the automated of live webinars. It’s just a lot more difficult It’s a little bit different concept different Strategy and all that stuff.

So that’s exactly the the lay out the process So if you’re looking how to get your own real estate clients for your own real estate digital marketing agency Those are the first three steps that I would take one organic methods to ten thousand dollars per month to Value video to 100 grand per month then that let’s talk and we can talk about getting an automated or a live webinar Ideally alive first up and running for your business. Okay, so now some of the Facebook ads that work extremely. Well, okay the thing is is one thing that you got to keep in mind if you’re running a ad to a Value video like this and you want clients that are gonna be able to invest a little bit more money in you You don’t want to be calling out the rookie agents right like look over here I’m calling out the rookie agents right here because I’m trying to take someone from Complete beginner to success to six figures per year in their their real estate business But if you want somebody that’s more of like that seven-figure mark Make sure you’re calling out the right person.

Okay So if you’re gonna be going and running these rookie realtor clothes 11 deals in four months This is gonna be the most broad market. It’s gonna bring in the most amount of real estate agents The only thing is is when you get them on the phone call, they’re gonna be rookies Right, so they’re not gonna have money to go through and invest 1500 to 2000 dollars per month with you But basically you can see right here I recently started doing this and this has actually been working extremely well, so if you guys do have past real estate clients And they’ve had success Jump on a call right here video it record it. It just works amazingly Well this ad right here I think is getting like leads for four to five dollars per lead and it’s absolutely crushing it.

So anyway, guys I would highly recommend kind of like doing this strategy of interviewing your clients Getting that success story on video that you can post on YouTube Facebook runs the Facebook Ads Instagram, whatever it is And then here’s another one. This one is calling out real estate agents and brokers Okay So this is kind of this could be for a higher ticket item right where you’re going through and work with more experienced people and if you want to go through and say hey all 7-figure real estate agents or if you’re closing ten deals per month. This is for you or something like that and so then I go through break down a couple paragraphs of Basically, what is working well for Debbie right here and then a link out to the page Okay And this is one where Debbie was she was actually kind enough to go through and do the video on her own Most agents have a hard or most people just in general have a hard time doing the own video right then and there and so this isn’t very common and Then here’s another one going through and if somebody posts in your Facebook group on your Facebook page Or they tell you something go and highlight that right So I go through this is an exact quote from Jamie right here that she posted in our Facebook group And so I looked I said, you know look Jamie is so exciting.

My first post was published. So some 48 hours ago So I tell their experience and I say look guys Jamie and once again, I’m going after more of the beginner agents Right, so just keep that in mind when you’re running towards a higher ticket item So look, Jamie literally knew nothing about Facebook ads when she started Okay There’s no reason you can’t do this to like look at the success she got and she didn’t know anything when she first got started Okay, you can do this You want to empower them you want to tell people like if you’re training them let them know that you can do this Okay, if you’re gonna be doing it for them Empower them and let them know that hey look I can take all this off your plate and let you know how to go through And do this and then I have the call to action Hey, if you’d like to attend a free training boom boom boom, or if you’re doing the value video, you know, hey I’ve got this this free Video, I’ve got this food training for you go through and show you how to you know? Add an extra 30 or 35 new qualified prospects each week to your database.

Okay? So anyway guys that is exactly those are the two funnels and I kind of broke that down Organic to $10,000 per month this value beauty – 100 grand a month webinar as past 100 grand a month Here are some of the Facebook ads right and then here is proof that I’m going through I’m spending quite a bit of money on this. So I’ve got a good sense of how this all works for you guys So also if you guys do want some my consulting mentorship any of that stuff, honestly like wasn’t really gonna jump in and do this stuff until a lot of people are asking and It’s now at that point where I’m getting a lot of you ask me, which is great I want to help out as many as few as possible And honestly, that’s where I like I get a lot of my enjoyment is like you digital marketers. I’m a digital marketer We’re kind of the same person And so I want to be able to help you guys out as well because I know where I was at When I was first getting started I didn’t really know where to turn And like, you know the path go through and get success kind of learn It’s really the hard way of going through and just like trial and error experimenting So if I could shortcut any of that for you guys That would be my goal.

So with that said thanks so much for watching and jump into that weightless And I’ll let you guys know when we launched that course And then also if you’re brand new here Make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that because it helps other people just like you find this content and Be able to learn from it and grow their business as well So thanks so much for watching guys, and I will see you in the next video

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