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So it’s 2019 and you guys have probably heard of maybe you haven’t heard about how to start a social media marketing agency or a digital marketing agency and guys what you have to understand is it is huge it is an amazing business to be and because of the fact that I get to work from home you can see I’m at home right now in my basement I have an office set up all this my office setup right in here and we just run marketing campaigns for businesses from home so I’m going to in this video explain the step-by-step process everything you’re going to want to know not what everybody else tells you that you think you’re going to want to know about starting a marketing agency in this video so stay tuned here we go welcome back everybody and thank you for joining me my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this channel we talk all about how to start a marketing agency how to build a personal brand online with the YouTube or a blog really just how to build an online business so if you’re interested in any of those topics before we get started into the main content make sure to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell on the bottom right hand corner so you get updated with all of our giveaways our free training like seriously we do so much for free here at this channel you just need to subscribe now guys I get asked all the time number one how am I making money online number two what are great ways to make money online and number three what’s a great way to build a profession or build a career rather in today’s day and really the answer is super simple there are tons of ways out there obviously outside of doing a marketing agency or starting your own agency but this is the one that I have found is the most lucrative because the profit margins are so much higher you’re able to work from home so the cost of operation is so low to start it literally cost you maybe a thousand to two thousand dollars in total that’s including your education maybe getting yourself a website some business cards your business name all of that set up and it’s going to get you going and on the road so that way you’re making five to ten thousand twenty thousand we have students making fifty thousand seventy five thousand dollars per month in revenue for their agency alright and so that’s what I want to show you guys is what you really need to know we get into this topic a lot and you guys probably have seen these types of videos all the time but really people leave out some of the most important information when it comes to starting a marketing agency and they leave out really the technical side or they leave out the practical side where you actually have to know how to implement the marketing campaigns you can’t just like go into this business only understanding the theoretical side and just outsourcing everything you do need to understand the ins and outs and that’s what I want to go through today so that way you at least have a broader picture of what you need to know oh and PS stay tuned to the end of this video and i’ll show you guys how you can actually get your marketing agency checklist we put together a checklist that shows you all of the things that you’re going to want to know pretty much everything we covered in this video and more because we put in tools resources there’s a two-week training involved so guys it isn’t all just hype you actually can make from one business per month anywhere from a thousand to ten thousand fifty thousand a hundred thousand dollars per month in revenue for their marketing campaigns now obviously the businesses that are spending a hundred thousand and fifty thousand dollars per month there are very few of those right but they do exist and they are kinds of clients that you can take advantage of I promise you they’re not the the unicorn type of client I promise this is possible so what I want to show you guys today outside of you know understanding the marketing side of it you have to understand the revenue side how the business is actually built how do you actually make money off of this how do you build a team large enough to manage a client that’s spending ten thousand dollars per month right all right guys so let’s go ahead and break this down a little bit so you can see how the revenue is actually generated to build a six-figure income all you guys have to understand is you’re charging anywhere from one thousand to ten thousand dollars per month at the base rate right ten thousand is more your enterprise style packages those are going to be medium to large style businesses the $1,000 package is to like 2,500 3,000 those are going to be your small businesses that are more local they have smaller budgets okay but all you have to know is it takes roughly eight thousand dollars per month to make it’s a little over eight thousand dollars per month to make a hundred thousand dollars per year so a hundred thousand dollars is actually 8333 dollars per month for 12 months to make a hundred thousand dollars in a year all right so that’s actually not that much when we break it down because here’s the best part guys most clients that we’ve taken on are spending an average of $2,500 per month or more all right so anywhere between usually our clients are between the 2,500 to 5,000 even actually today we’ve stopped taking clients below 5,000 dollars per month and we only work with clients that are five to ten thousand dollars per month but let’s say that the average is 2,500 well how many does it take to get to 2,500 well divided by 2500 you’re looking at roughly three clients well three clients are making seventy five hundred so three and a half but you can’t really have a half a client so we’ll just say four clients at 2500 right but we could say that other client is you know it’s instead of them being a $2,500 package they’re just a thousand dollar package right so you have 2,500 times 3 you got this guy times 1 you’ve got 7,500 you’ve got $8,500 right here in revenue and that’s just for clients guys there are businesses all over the place that if you know how to get results we’ll hire you to do this kind of work why well let’s think about it real estate agents make 3 percent off of the sell of the sale of a home so let’s say they sell a home at I don’t know 500 grand 10 percent of that would be 50 thousand so five percent it’s twenty-five thousand three percent is roughly twelve thousand dollars right maybe fourteen thousand dollars so that’s what I want you guys to see 14 thousand dollars in revenue for that agent for getting them one client do you think they would have a problem with me basically selling for them and making them fourteen thousand dollars off of one new client now obviously there’s expenses associated with that but that’s still way out of the the price that they’re paying me three thousand four thousand dollars per month to manage their marketing campaigns and that’s just real estate attorneys spend even more than that the automotive industry is spending hundreds of millions of dollars every single month in digital marketing there are so many industries out there that aren’t even being tapped to because people don’t know the industry even exists or they just don’t even think to go market for those kinds of people for example dry cleaners nobody thinks to manage a dry cleaner but they actually do need marketing just as much as anybody else so that’s a little bit about the revenue guys now let’s look at all of the things you’re actually going to have to know to get the business running right you got the math I just wanted to show you guys it’s not actually as far-fetched as it seems and people think Oh business isn’t gonna pay me $1,000 per month why would they not that trust me there are tons and tons of businesses who don’t want to manage Facebook Ads they don’t want to build websites they don’t want to run email campaigns they just want to focus on their business and go home at the end of the day and they want someone like you to come in there who actually knows how to do it and that’s gonna that’s the key that’s gonna be the whole premise behind this videos for you guys to get how important it is for you to find quality education and digital marketing let’s go ahead and jump into what you actually need to know about digital marketing and building that kind of business because building a digital marketing business is different than say building a real estate agency or a an attorney’s office for practice and doctors practice you know all of those things are different and you build the business a different way and you have you’re required to know different things so let’s look at what you actually have to know now guys the first and most important thing that I can say that you guys need to do and I’m gonna leave it up here on the board the whole rest of the time because it is the most important your education if you do not get how important this is guys what I’m saying is even if you don’t take one of my courses what I’m trying to tell you is take somebody else’s course and when you go through that course do not rush yourself do not try to blow through the videos so you can get out there and start getting clients because you are hurting yourself more than you even realize you will get up there get the client realize how unprepared you are and then start struggling and then all the sudden you lose that client and they leave you a bad review the education side of it is the side that nobody takes seriously and that’s why there are so many people that fail with their marketing agency because they just go out and they just see the money coming in but then they forget that they have to fulfill that marketing service and actually make that customer happy otherwise they’re not gonna be there in three months right so this is the most important part in what do you actually have to learn well you have to learn things like how to run a biz you have to learn things like how to grow your team so outsourcing right you guys have heard of that the third thing you need to know is also probably how to sell right you have to actually know how to sell this service for selling any other service because you if you don’t understand how to sell digital marketing simply to business owners that don’t get it then you’re not going to land clients and that’s a lot of the reason why people fail but also outside of that you just need to know general rules and techniques to selling and that’s the thing a lot of people don’t go through a process to learn about overcoming objections and qualifying leads and that there’s somebody steps in the follow up process and we go through all of that you know in all on our youtube channel and through our courses but either way subscribe get it and of course something but that’s what I’m trying to tell you guys anyways number four is you have to learn an acronym that I created called SWEPS alright and you guys will see what this is so let me get down here S.W.E.P.S.

Alright SWEPS and what does that stand for these are what I refer to as the core concepts to digital marketing to social media marketing agency SMMA that you guys are familiar with it’s not actually SMMA it’s a digital marketing agency or a marketing agency but SMMA just means social media marketing agency we’re talking about digital marketing okay everything building an entire marketing agency not just somebody who only does Facebook Ads but anyways guys SWEPS and what this stands for is social media marketing web marketing and design email marketing and automation pay-per-click which is Google ads Bing Yahoo YouTube ads and then SEO which also stands for search engine optimization these are the core concepts that people don’t take the time to learn and how to actually apply them for example we also have another concept I want to go through here really quickly we’ll go back into this oh and then I also like to say plus C because C and its really CM and that stands for content marketing and that is building quality content for your business for your clients whether that be through blog content video content for Facebook for YouTube whatever the you know the content channel might may be you need to understand how to actually create quality content and so let’s talk about you know some of the other concepts we’ll talk about SWEPS a little bit more here in a second and what you’re actually going to want to know and then talk about pricing and all of that but before we do I want to go into the next step which is why people don’t actually understand how to apply SWEPS to their it to their agency and to their clients marketing campaigns and it really comes down because they don’t know another one of my concepts called 3-step marketing I’m going to simplify this even more for you guys you guys are gonna be like oh my god that’s it because a lot of you you’ve probably heard of digital marketing before or starting a marketing agency some of you might be new to this which welcome but a lot of you are probably familiar you just haven’t seen the success you’re looking for yet and it usually comes down to this simple factor you don’t understand 3-step marketing first step is finding or building awareness sorry awareness you have step two which is consideration and then finally you have conversion let me ask you guys something you guys mostly deal with local clients right local businesses well when you’re looking for a service most local businesses they’re providing services most local businesses aren’t selling products right a restaurant kind of sells old they sell a product and the grocery store sell product but pretty much every other business is a service based business all right and so what do you do let me ask you a question what do you do when you go to find a service in your area first thing you do is you go on your phone you go to Google and you type in blah blah blah near me right or where is this in this city right and that’s what you start searching for so the awareness stage the first step marketing aka cold traffic is all about using SEO and PPC to drive traffic to the site and then what people are actually doing is they’re going out straight to Facebook and they’re trying to sell Facebook and Instagram campaigns as cold traffic right they’re trying to say hey mr.

Business owner you pay me $5,000 per month we’ll just manage your Facebook page we’ll do all your cold traffic for me and that I’m not saying that you can’t get results that way but 90% of the time you’re doing it wrong because you’re not driving traffic from the main traffic source which is Google search engines and then you remarked it with Facebook Instagram YouTube email those are the remarketing platforms YouTube and email and finally number three is conversion where do people go once they actually you know they’ve seen your product now you’ve remarketed to them now they finally want to buy well that happens on the website right that’s where they go and they sign up to come in for an appointment or they send that email to set up a phone call or whatever it is that your try that metric that you’re trying to convert them through that’s where it happens at at the website so if you don’t have that third final piece of the puzzle done you’re not gonna sell them to begin with right so you have to understand this three-step marketing process and that is what understanding SWEPS allows you to do and so that’s why it’s important to really go through each one of those things individually and try to at least get to an intermediate level of knowledge and education and training before you ever start to take on a client in this white 90 percent of businesses and marketers go out there and fail in their first year because they don’t take the education seriously if you don’t if you didn’t already know this was a saw a strong solid method for building a marketing campaign for a local business which again 90 percent of you are gonna work with that you shouldn’t consider yourself ready to be marketing for other businesses yet after you do that the next step is to get your business plan together because before you even need to start worrying about a business you need to understand the industry need to be able to technically work yourself through how to run ads how to create content how to build email can all of that stuff right once you get through that then you need to start making your business plans so we’ll just write that up here this plan and what does that consist of things like your LLC or your business license your EIN so that’s your tax identification number you need your name right you need a website the next two for the business plan are also going to be super important and that is picking your service offering so your services and the next thing is going to be picking your niche so we’re just gonna write niche up here okay so you need to know what services you’re gonna provide you don’t have to provide every single digital marketing service I personally recommend it because it makes you that one-stop-shop for businesses which they really like but you don’t have to you can just do you know if you wanted to start with just web development because you already have some experience there then just start there but you know and actually you can even do really well at that niching yourself into just being a web development company and that’s all you do and then you scale in other products and services later right and then the next thing is your niche I recommend picking at least 2 to 3 now I used to say 1 but I actually kind of like the 2 to 3 range and the reason why is because not every niche is always going to have a ton of availability I guess for potential customers in your immediate area right so you might have to do some traveling to go get those other kinds of clients so it’s nice to have that backup niche to say okay I’ve kind of done six months of hitting these people really really hard so I’m gonna switch over to this niche and try and take some more clients on in this niche and then we’ll come back to that my you know primary niche in another six months so that way you give them some time to you know look through stuff and throughout that process you’re following up but that way you actually have consistent flow of potential clients coming in okay so that’s the business plan now let’s talk about pricing right we got to talk about pricing and I can’t okay I want you guys to understand something very clearly here when it comes to pricing services you have to understand that not everything is just cookie cutter packaged a lot of people like to do it that way and you can choose to do it that way if you like where you set you know we’ll do this many facebook posts we’ll do this many ads at this level you can do it like that if you want I personally like to kind of customize my packages each time so that way I’m making sure I’m getting that business owner the best result but the package pricing also works very well for people who are new to the industry so if you’re new I do recommend going with package pricing and just kind of setting some base rates so that way you know what to charge you know about how many hours you’re gonna work and it’s consistent right that’s the biggest thing that people struggle with in the beginning is getting consistency in their pricing their packages and the service offering so set something up but basically you’re going to start off with a $999 so from four thousand to about ten thousand that’s considered your enterprise level so you could actually put ten thousand on here and that’s gonna be your entire enterprise level anything between these two packages right here and then that’s where you basically give them pretty much every single service that you can offer but not really because they do need to spend a little more to get really the full shebang really it’s about ten thousand to fifteen thousand dollars to get that price or to get those types of services but those are the good kind of clients anyways let’s get into that so this also does not include any ad spend a lot of people like to they go well that includes you know Facebook ads but know that is where you add five hundred dollars on top you know a thousand dollars on top of that actual budget and then you you can either work this pricing out to where you assess your ad management fee into this or you’ll need to add it on top as well so you’ll say plus 300 for ad spend that’s why I like to just include this in here and work that price into your base package but basically these this money over here goes into Facebook ads Instagram ads YouTube ads this money right here is what they pay you and you take home to your agency and then you pay outsourcing or you pay for labor from people who are on platforms like upwork freelancer blah blah and you actually have them fulfill the work for you you create the high level strategy to many people and this is one of the things where it’s important to take education courses because we teach you you do not need to be sitting there writing Facebook posts and creating images and shooting the video and editing the video that is not a cash producing activity guys a CPA if you are not working on your CPAs you’re not building your business okay so you have to understand that outsourcing is super important so let’s talk about that really quick so now that you kind of understand the business model the revenue model how to price your services you also need to start understanding how to build your team and again as soon as you take on your first client I recommend outsourcing like then I recommend going out immediately and at least hire you like someone to schedule your posts for you that alone will save and free up your time so you can focus more on selling and landing more clients but you have to build the team you’ll need designers you’ll need copywriters you’ll need SEO related people people who understand search engine optimization add managers admins just to do basic admin work you want someone like a creative director right and this person actually comes up with posts for you they come up with ideas for campaigns they help you know facilitate the entire campaign creation process there’s so many different things that you’re actually going to want to hire for I believe we have a team of almost twenty two people now with our agency and our personal brand combined so you know these are a ton of different people running a ton of different jobs right and that’s so I can focus on again those CPAs so that allows me to bring in more revenue for my business which in the end makes me more money now finally guys you’re going to want to do what everybody wants to do which is land some clients right and I’m not saying you actually have to build your team before you go out lame clients but you will want to put a plan together so that way when you go out and get clients you have an idea of what you need to do to get the job done right so to get the clients all you have to do is go and send things like we have a digital marketing audit that we built and we actually give out the template for that so again we’re gonna give you that at the end of this video and that’s gonna help you land clients we teach also here’s what I’m gonna do guys land clients basically it’s all about value right you guys know all about that already you know it’s about providing value you know it’s about showing your worth right showing them that you’re gonna make them extra money testimonials right all of those things are important those are what you want to show potential clients to you know get them to listen to you actually here’s what I want to do guys because I don’t want this video to get too long and I actually have a two-week training put together for you guys already on everything that we’ve already covered and some more so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna end the video here but what I want you to do is I want you to look right below this video in the description you will see a link at the top that says SMMA checklist alright that is our two-week free training it starts off with a checklist of all the things you’re going to want to know tools resources everything like that but then it continues with things like how to price how to set up your business how to get your digital marketing audits created how to go find clients how to perform the marketing campaigns things you’ll want to look out for so you don’t fail all of that is included in that two-week free training so make sure that you click that checklist link down below this video and get in that group so before we get out of here guys I do want to do something extra special for you again I told you my brand Cereal Entrepreneur what we’re really about here is teaching people how to build successful marketing agencies we actually have several help we have over 700 students in our courses we have several hundred people make who have made at least a thousand to five thousand dollars per month with their agency we have several making ten thousand dollars per month we have a few that are making even over $50,000 $75,000 $100,000 per month in revenue for their agencies if you don’t believe me just go to my site CerealEntrepreneur.Academy check out the digital marketing courses and then go there and look at the testimonials from our students go to my facebook business page and check our testimonials there but I guarantee you we don’t put out bad quality courses and it’s because of the fact that I know that if I put out something super useful for you and you’re able to make money that changes your life and your family’s life and your friends then all you’re going to do is thank me for it later and you’re gonna come back to me and ask me for advice whenever I can possibly give it to you which again is just gonna help my brand grow so why would I want to hurt you guys I want you guys to see success because I know it’s possible and I know that you can do it if you try if you truly commit that’s the last thing that I believe you guys with is the fact that if you do not truly commit not only to the going out and finding clients you’re gonna fail a little bit right you’ll just fail forward right but you’re you’re you have to expect those things and when you understand that and the commitment that’s required you will be successful I have a student her name is Kayla Haley, I always tell this story she’s gonna laugh when she sees this but she was a biology major 23 years old in college never done marketing before stopped doing biology came into my marketing school and within six months was making about twenty thousand dollars per month with her agency but it took her six months to land or it took her about four and a half months to land her first client this isn’t something that you just should go out there and you expect to make a hundred grand or ten you know ten thousand dollars even per month in your first three months it that it’s not realistic guys why would you think that you can go out and either try to learn this for free or spend $300 on an education and expect business owners to pay you ten thousand fifteen thousand dollars per month do you think that makes any kind of logical irrational since it doesn’t so what I’m telling you guys is seriously invest in the time the education the commitment as far as learning sales landing client scaling business starting a business running digital marketing campaigns it all takes time to learn so don’t get frustrated or hate yourself if you don’t get it in the first month if you after a first year you’re just completely are lost still then that might be time for you to look away but if you’re after a year you know you’ve had some clients but you’ve had some failures at the same time but you’ve also seen a lot on successes and you’ve made some decent income then you’re on your way just keep pushing through the struggle and I promise you you’ll see the other side but that’s it for today’s video guys thank you so much for joining me I really do hope that it was helpful for you and kind of you know shed some light on what you’re actually gonna need to know to get your agency rolling and actually start making six figures in 2019 I want you to do me a favor though if you guys have any questions about starting a marketing agency if you have any concerns if you not sure that you can do something if you don’t think you can afford it I want you to leave all of that information below in the comments so that way we can get back with you and try to provide you some resources or tools or whatever it is that you’re gonna need to get your agency going successfully in 2019 but again that’s it for me guys make sure that you check out the SMMA checklist in the bottom of this video I’m gonna get out of here for now though so until next time Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see in the course Cereal Entrepreneur out.

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