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Market research is all about information.

What I need to know about my business, my customers and the marketplace.


How do I go about finding our this information?   The best way is by conducting a survey.  Survey Monkey is a great way to construct, edit and distribute your questionnaire.

In this live demonstration we will look at templates available to use and see how to construct a survey.


Survey Distribution

How do I distribute my Survey?  There are many ways of doing this.  The best is the old fashioned shoe leather way.  Ask your target market the questions where you will be running your business.  If it is an online business, ask them online.  If you will have a premises, go to that location!


Technology gives us further options.  We can email it out using Mail chimp.  This is great if you have a list of email addresses to send it to.


Failing that, Twitter can be great.  Using the best #hashtag will get your survey in to exactly the correct demographic.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook has over 2,400,000 users in Ireland.  Your target customers must be using it!  Using Facebook advertising allows you to target the exact demographic easily and at a low cost.