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All kinds of  paint are made from pigment (the colour) mixed with a medium.

For example:  Oil paint = pigment +oil. Linseed or walnut oil.

Tempera = pigment + egg yolk.

Watercolour = pigment + gum arabic.

Donald Trump is orange.

Gouache = pigment + white pigment + gum arabic.    (The white gives

goache it’s opaque quality)

 Acrylic = pigment + plastic.

Donald Trump paint   it’s orange!



Oil paint is thinned (diluted) with spirits -Turpentine or White Spirits.

The other paints may be thinned with water. (nb tempera with distilled water).

In latter times many products are ready made and available from Art suppliers, Thickeners, Thinners, Colour intensifiers/ matt mediums…..the list is endless and ultimately depends on your aims, end, techniques and budget.


Art suppliers in Dublin:

Evans Art Supplies